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Kidwinks Speech Therapy Videos for Young Children

The Kidwinks DVD series is designed to stimulate your child's interest and increase their awareness of words and language that are part of our everyday world. Designed for children in the early stages of speech and language development, they are educational and entertaining.

Kidwinks DVD's help develop your child's speech and language by using short phrases and lots of repetition. They also model ways for parents to interact with their children to make speech and language development easier. The songs have been specifically created to support speech and language growth by using simple repetitive phrases with definite rhythms that help stimulate your child's creativity and intelligence.

The most effective thing you can do to stimulate and accelerate speech and language development is to spend time playing and interacting with your child, talking to them as you explore a variety of toys and objects that are part of their world.

Kidwinks DVD's help you do that in a way that's fun and effective. Using them daily or several times a week will assist and support your child's speech and language growth. An excess of on-screen entertainment has been proven to be detrimental to your child's development, so please limit their film and video input to short periods of time, and use programs specifically designed with your child's developmental needs in mind.

Kidwinks DVDs are also a perfect way to help children learn English as a second language.

The child performers in this video are not masters of American Sign Language, but are modeling sign language to make it more visual and to encourage your child to copy it. Research has shown that the use of signing encourages the development of spoken language in children who are delayed.

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